Meet Our Staff

Our diverse and knowledgeable staff is ready to help support you!


Dr. Carlos Menendez


Dr. Carlos Menendez is a board certified endocrinologist for over 48 years. He serves two large communities and has recently joined Sante in the last two years. His cutting edge treatments are well received by the professional community. Now his altruistic intentions have led him to research where he thrives in diabetes and diabetic related trials where his expertise is appreciated. His prestigious family is supportive of his further endeavors.

Dr. Dale Mohar

Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Specialist

Dr. Dale Mohar is a new addition to Sante Research but has over 21 years of research experience. This asthma and allergy specialist is an essential team member and brings a wealth of knowledge. His active family keeps him busy outside of his clinic and research offices.

Andrew Tullman


Andrew Tullman is a physician assistant at a local primary and urgent care office while also being a part of Sante since 2017. He has worked in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 sector prior to joining us and since has been the sub-investigator for over 13 trials. He enjoys golfing, woodworking and enjoys watching his young family grow.

Jason Eckols


Mr. Eckols is a well-rounded medical professional currently working as a Nurse Practitioner at a local busy clinic serving a large population in the Hill Country. He has twenty years history as an RN and 3 years as an NP. He loves to read, hunt and go kayak fishing while being highly involved as a family man.

Fidencio Gonzales


Fidencio works in family practice and internal medicine and now actively works in interventional medicine and pain management. He is a connoisseur of the fine arts, loves the outdoors and spending time with his family.


Danielle Monclova, CCRC

CCRC and CEO- Owner and Director, Our clinical research coordinator has been working in medicine and research for over 14 years. She has experience in Phase II through Phase IV clinical trials including biologics in a wide variety of indications including pediatrics through geriatrics.

Aracelli Morales, CCRC

Araceli Morales, our Regulatory and Business Manager manages the logistical and professional aspects of our business that brings our site to the next level. Her hobbies include a unique eye for photography and raising her amazing young son.

Mariah Rodriguez

Laboratory Manager

Mariah Rodriguez, a Medical Assistant, is a CRC here at Sante working on her third year. Her well rounded abilities make her an excellent coordinating asset. She has a supportive family and enjoys arts and crafts.

Cindy Patterson

Marketing & Advertisement

A medical professional for over 30 years, Ms. Patterson now spreads the word of research to the physicians and medical practice to the Hill Country and local area.

Tracy Monaghan

I enjoy working with people and have current experience in the field of medical research. I have assisted on many research studies from respiratory to gastrological. I have many years of experience in the medical field working in patient care, educating personnel, scheduling and recruitment, customer service and vast experience in medical records and medical terminology.